Black Friday

Black Friday


It’s that time of the year again. Thanksgiving Day! I always organize a big dinner party for all my friends and family. They travel from all over the country to taste my famous turkey recipe. When they arrive, they watch the Thanksgiving Parade on TV, while my little nephews and nieces play hide and seek. I watch a part of the parade before going to the kitchen to prepare a delicious Thanksgiving meal.


The parade ends and we take place at the dinner table, which is filled with a lot of delicious food like a filled turkey, candied yams, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and much more tasty treats. After saying grace, we dig in. I notice that this year my filled turkey is once again a great success. Like always, we have a lot to say to each other and after a while my father tells a story about how he lost his glasses once again. I guess, he is already on his 50th pair of glasses. He tells us: “Last night, I took of my glasses, laid them on the bedside table and the next morning, they were gone! I’m 100% sure they come alive and get little legs at night!”. Everybody at the table starts laughing, but I back my father up… I say: “You would be surprised how your eyewear can disappear. I just received a story from a customer, named Steve, at telling me how he lost his favorite vintage Mosley Tribes Gates sunglasses…”


He worked in a resort town called Sun Valley. It’s a very remote and high end area with some luxurious boutiques. The guests include people working on Wall Street, law firms and big real estate agencies. It’s a very seasonal place, so the luxurious shops had ridiculous sales at the end of the summer. You could compare these discounts with the ones we have tomorrow during Black Friday. One day, He went to the high end shop to look for some great bargains. He entered the door and there was a lightened cabinet at the back of the store that immediately caught his attention. In this cabinet, there were the very rare Mosley Tribes Gates sunglasses on sale for only $100. He bought them without hesitating and they quickly became his favorite glasses.


The summer ended and Steve returned home to his condo in Salt Lake City, Utah. He lived together with many friends who were walking in and out of the door all the time, so they didn’t even bother to lock it. One morning, he was taking a nap and was woken up by some noise. He opened his eyes and saw an  unknown confused man in front of his fridge. The man was eating and drinking everything he could. Carefully, Steve stepped out of bed and tried to make him at ease. As he was approaching him, he saw the vagrant was wearing Steve’s Ralph Lauren peacoat. The homeless man could be a drug addict with weapons so  Steve did everything to prevent him from freaking out. He slowly guided the person back out of his condo while he was mumbling all the time. The last thing Steve saw, was a confused homeless man walking into the sunset wearing a Ralph Lauren peacoat worth $400. Steve ran back inside, caught his breath and called the police. After that, he suddenly realized that his favorite Mosley Tribes Gates sunglasses were in the peacoat. Of course, he was extremely thankful that he was unharmed but his life ended a little, knowing that he just sent a homeless man on the street with $2000 worth of sunglasses. At that time, that man certainly was the most fashionable vagrant in America. From that moment, Steve looked everywhere to find the vintage Mosley Tribes sunnies. Fortunately, I offer all three colors of the Mosley Tribes Gates collection, so he was over the moon!


Everybody was impressed by that story, except my skeptical mother. She asked: “How can you sell rare and authentic vintage sunglasses at those low prices? They can’t be real, can they? I understand her suspicion but I told her that we buy dead stock of niche brands and authentic sunglasses. We have a colleague from the eyewear industry that can detect the hidden treasures in these dead stocks, which makes a legitimate website.


My friend asked me if I knew the customer, Steve, myself. Unfortunately I did not have the honor to speak to him. That kind of stories and questions are sent to our customer service via I have great people working there that do their utmost to find the best solutions for everybody as soon as possible.


By the time we were eating the dessert, a delicious pumpkin pie, I had one more surprise in store for my friends and family. I announced: “As you all know, it will be Black Friday tomorrow. will also participate in this. If you buy glasses for at least $299, you will receive a discount of 100$. So don’t rush to the stores and get trampled by Black Friday Deal hunters. You just have to simply turn on your computer or take your phone and go to”


It was wonderful to see my friend and family again and I’m already looking forward to Christmas!

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