Turning dead stock sunglasses back to life.

What is dead stock?

The dictionary describes it as merchandise that did not sell and which is often stored in a warehouse. But dead stock is so much more. Sometimes it can contain little treasures like limited editions, gifts or fashion items from years ago. You never know who attaches emotional value to one of those items and, therefore, is willing to pay big money for it.


Emotional connection

People can place considerable importance to limited editions and collector’s items. They even get emotionally attached when they find something unique. Most of the purchase decisions people make are emotional. Imagine, you are looking for new designer sunglasses online and you stumble on the shades you wore in your youth. It brings forth an increase in dopamine, a feeling of nostalgia and the desire to buy those vintage sunglasses.


Feelings, not things

Collector’s items and luxurious vintage products define our self-worth and status in the world. We don’t buy things, we buy the fulfillment of our feelings. You don’t buy a car, you buy something to get across town to meet your friends and family. You don’t pay for designer shoes, you pay to make a fashion statement and give yourself a confidence boost.


Picking out the gold

For your understanding, not every dead stock product is worth a fortune or enriches your life. That’s what makes it so special. The harder it is to find something worth of value, the bigger the rise in dopamine and the happier you will be, when you find it. Mydesigneroptic.com helps you find hidden eyewear treasures. Their goal is to make you look good and boost your confidence levels sky-high.


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